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Research engineer
I carried out my thesis at CEA Grenoble (UMR 5249, UGA / CNRS / CEA), under the supervision of Professor Marc Fontecave and Dr. Hamid Atta, on [FeS] cluster metalloproteins (RimO, MiaB, MtaB) called
Issue 43 of Science@IFPEN
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Optimization of a microorganism of interest for the bioproduction of isopropanol and n-butanol

A major challenge of the energy transition, the substitution of petrochemical processes by bioprocesses requires the use of catalysts (or microorganisms) to produce molecules for industry...
Numéro 42 de Science@IFPEN
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Analysis of the inorganic contaminants in bioethanol, from source to end product

The use of renewable carbon-based biofuels is a solution aimed at reducing the climate impact of combustion engine vehicles. However, the diversity of potential biomass sources requires a
Numéro 40 de Science@IFPEN
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Extrapolating ethanol-from-biomass production technologies

The industrial production of ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass was demonstrated by the Futurol™ projecta. The extrapolation and optimization of the process, along with its flexibility in terms of