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News 27 August 2019

Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Control: a challenge for IFPEN's R&I team and a first reward

The IFPEN team for the "Wave Energy Converter Control" Project led by Paolino Tona won the trophy for the first phase of the WEC Control Competition (WECCCOMP), and the prize-giving took place at the 38th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE Conference).

Issue 44 of Science@ifpen
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The 48-volts system: mild hybrid with significant potential

Electrification of the vehicle powertrain is one of the keys to sustainable mobility and hybridization with internal combustion engines is becoming increasingly common. In this context, the “48-volt” mild hybrid system is a low-cost, flexible and easy-to-integrate option, with reduced safety constraints and outstanding performances.
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IFPEN/Inria partnership: digital technology at the heart of innovation

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in solving industrial problems. IFPEN forged a partnership with Inria. Five years later, we look back over this fruitful partnership.
Issue 30 Science@ifpen
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Energy in vehicles: we’ve got it under control!

In hybrid vehicles, onboard algorithms are aimed at splitting power between the various energy sources in order to minimize fuel consumption and/or pollutant emissions . This real-time management
Numéro 30 Science@ifpen
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Exhaust gas heat: optimal recovery through supervision and control

Recovering heat from exhaust gases using the Rankine thermodynamic cycle a is one of the avenues being explored to reduce the energy consumption of IC engines. Tried and tested for stationary
Issue 30 Science@ifpen
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The control of floating platforms for offshore wind turbines: being active reduces fatigue

The fatigue resistance of floating offshore wind turbines is significantly affected by the wave forces to which their supporting platforms are exposed. Passive and active damper systems — preferably