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Fundamental Research
News 28 March 2023

Heavy trucks that run on hydrogen: a solution to reduce the carbon footprint of transport?

For transport segments where electrification is complex, such as heavy-duty vehicles (long-haul trucks and off-road vehicles ), hydrogen mobility appears to be a promising alternative to address the challenges of reducing the carbon footprint of the transport sector as a whole. While fuel cells have been the focus of a substantial amount of research in the context of low-carbon mobility, the IC engine using hydrogen as a fuel appears to be equally feasible as an alternative in order to significantly reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions.

Training and Careers
News 14 March 2023

IFP School on ChooseSocialTV - Christine Travers's interview

On February 16, Christine Travers, Dean of IFP School, was interviewed by Laurent Labbé, host of the ChooseSocialTV program, dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Christine explained how the energy transition has been gradually introduced into the School's training.