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Special issue: Focus on SOLEIL for catalysis 

Jean DaillantSOLEIL synchrotron is a large scale research infrastructure located on the Plateau de Saclay near Paris, designed to give scientists access to advanced experimental tools using synchrotron radiation, from infrared to X-rays. These instruments include multimodal and multiscale structural and spectroscopic methods, with three-dimensional imaging and time-resolved operation down to a picosecond.

Experiments at Synchrotron SOLEIL deal with a wide range of topics and are supported by in-house research that develops the most relevant methods for the users. Building strong collaborative partnerships, such as the one with IFPEN since 2012, is a way for SOLEIL to increase its impact. Starting with a collaboration around catalysis and X-ray absorption, this partnership has proven to be exemplary. It has been extended to include new methods and themes, bringing even more benefits to both parties.

This issue takes a look at some key results concerning catalysts stemming from this productive collaboration that has just been renewed. The aim is now to make even more progress in strategic areas central to the energy transition.

Jean Daillant, Director General of SOLEIL

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