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Denis GuillaumePilot-scale experimentation supplies the performance data necessary for industrial extrapolation. It requires pilot plants in which thermal and matter transfers are fully controlled given extrapolation factors in the region of 105 to 106 between a pilot reactor and an industrial unit reactor. In addition, the increased demand for more eco-efficient processes requires the use of intensified, instrumented and digitalized pilot plants.

In this context, the Process Experiments Division has designed and operates a fleet of nearly 80 installations covering all of IFPEN’s processes.

To develop project support expertise, the division draws on fundamental research focused on both the characterization of materials and fluids and the modeling of closely coupled phenomena with a view to scale change. This issue presents a few of the key achievements resulting from such research.

An emerging research challenge is the use of data sciences. This will enable us to rethink the management and operation of pilot plant tests with a view to enhanced efficiency for IFPEN’s R&I.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Denis Guillaume, Director of the Process Experiments Division

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