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N. SchilknechtIn a context of considerable societal expectations regarding the innocuous nature of new products and the protection of the environment, analytical chemistry is a major scientific discipline that guarantees the acceptability of research and its  applications, helping us understand phenomena via the characterization of materials and products in complex matrices.

No scientific field can ignore the contributions of the characterization of objects/reactions of interest. Hence, the scientific ambition of the Physics and Analysis division is “to see the invisible and give IFPEN projects a head start”, in mature fields as well as new energy technologies. As such, it plays an essential role in technological innovations.

To achieve this ambition, our researchers exploit analytical techniques and methodologies to their maximum, combining different pairings, mathematically extracting the information of interest from thousands of signals, using both prototype instrumentations and major national instruments. All significant progress made is also the result of dialog with IFPEN researchers and multidisciplinary academic teams.

This issue illustrates a few examples.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue,

Nathalie Schildknecht,
Head of the Physics and Analysis Division


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