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Olga Vizika-KavvadiasResearch and training underpin the relevance and originality of all the innovations developed at IFPEN. Key actors in the entire process, some of our researchers are awarded a national accreditation to supervise research (HDR), France’s highest university qualification. HDR researchers are recognized for their high level of scientific training and expertise, the originality of their scientific approach, and their capacity to develop and master a research strategy as well as supervise PhD theses. Beyond the role of indicator of scientific excellence, the number of HDRs reflects the quality of supervision for our PhD students, and the balanced and constructive nature of exchanges with our academic partners.

This issue highlights major results obtained by some of our researchers who have recently been awarded this title. From experimentation to modeling, covering multiple scales of time and space, the range of topics investigated and disciplines concerned is vast, reflecting the broad variety of activities at IFPEN.

A common thread runs through all this research: a coherent and long-term scientific approach that guarantees the quality and relevance of our results within the fundamental research-applied research continuum.

I hope you will enjoy reading this issue.

Olga Vizika-Kavvadias,
Scientific Director

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