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Isabelle MorelonAs far as Rabelais was concerned, “Science without conscience is only ruin of the soul” but what can be said of science without sharing or cooperation?! Because while by its very nature scientific research is driven by knowledge already acquired and the analysis of previous work, incorporating outside expertise is essential to success.

IFPEN applies this principle in its fundamental research partnerships, tapping into the very dense research biotope in order to generate or further develop partnerships of strategic importance to its scientific policy. Collaborative research programs are helping to overcome some fifty or so scientific challenges identified as obstacles to research in its strategic areas: sustainable mobility, new energies, climate and the environment, responsible oil and gas. Of fundamental importance to research and innovation, this work takes the form of theses, post-doctoral research, scientific visitor secondments, collaborative projects and road maps formalized by a framework agreement.

These collaborative programs concerning research in various scientific fields and for diverse applications are illustrated in this issue. And they are all examples of the benefits of the open research IFPEN has been contributing to with conviction for many years.

Isabelle Morelon
IFPEN Scientific Division

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Isabelle Morelon

  • “Academic Research Partnerships” Manager