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Special issue Recent PhD Graduates

Benjamin Herzhaft

The aim of fundamental research at IFPEN, structured around cross-functional and multidisciplinary scientific questions, is to build the skills and knowledge base required for the development of new solutions in the fields of energy, transport and climate. The contribution made by these PhD students is an essential component of such research and illustrates our productive collaboration with academic research partners, in France and around the world.

Each year, IFPEN hosts around forty PhD students who will train in research while channelling their expertise and enthusiasm into addressing major scientific challenges, and identifying potential solutions with concrete applications.

For many years now, IFPEN’s Scientific Board has been awarding the Yves Chauvin prize to the best thesis defended. By presenting a synopsis of each of the theses short-listed for the 2018 award, this special issue highlights the richness of themes and disciplinary fields covered. This year, the prize was awarded to Aurélie Pirayre, for her PhD on bioinformatics, embodying the capacity of these young researchers to build creative bridges between scientific fields.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Benjamin Herzhaft, Fundamental research program manager in the Scientific Division

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