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Special issue: Publications by Young Doctoral Researchers

Éric HeintzéAs a research and training player, IFPEN hosts around forty new PhD students every year in an environment that encourages innovation. These students therefore have the opportunity to supplement their scientific training with research work that helps advance the state of the art, in fields falling within the scope of IFPEN’s innovation strategy.

This issue is dedicated to the results of recent PhD theses and illustrates the diversity of disciplines covered by  IFPEN's research, as well as the creativity of our young researchers. In addition to key results, ranging from improvement of our offshore technologies to catalysis for biomass conversion, via high throughput experimentation and analysis of terrestrial natural hydrogen flows, the issue also highlights the work of Zlatko Solomenko, the 2017 Yves Chauvin prize-winner. Each year, this prize is given in recognition of a high-quality PhD research project. In this case the field concerned is “fluid mechanics applied to the treatment of sour gases” and the research makes it possible to ultimately envisage the improved capture of CO2 emitted by large industrial complexes.

We hope that you enjoy this issue.

Éric Heintzé, Scientific Director

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