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Pierre-Franck Chevet ©IFPENFor IFPEN, a major research and training player, hosting PhD students is an essential mission. These young emerging researchers contribute their dynamism, their fresh vision and their expertise to our fundamental research. In return, they benefit from a high-quality environment and have access to actual challenges and problems that prepare them for their future careers.

Our PhD students also play a central role in our partnerships with French and international academia. These partnerships are essential in order to overcome the scientific challenges inherent to the development of our innovations and to compare our research with that of the best teams. Moreover, our PhD students regularly win awards reflecting the quality of their work. Scientific excellence and high standards must be maintained and recognized, and it is the purpose of the Yves Chauvin prize. Every year, several PhD students selected by their respective research divisions compete to win it.

In this issue, you can read about the thesis subjects submitted for selection to the Scientific Committee, and in particular those of the two joint laureates: Rémi Hocq and Jérôme Rey.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue,

Pierre-Franck Chevet,
IFP Energies nouvelles’ Chairman and CEO

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