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Biogas purification process

Within the context of the Biomet project, IFPEN and Arol Energy, a specialist in the energy recovery of biogas in the form of biomethane, demonstrated a new technology based on a high-energy performance gas sweetening process

« The aim of this project was to validate two complementary innovations on an industrial scale:

  • firstly, a thermal integration process patented by Arol Energy, making it possible to recover almost all of the heat used in the gas sweetening unit to heat the digesters,
  • secondly, a new solvent developed by IFPEN, reducing the global energy consumption of the process by between 20% and 30%.
usine Biomet

The objectives have been met and the treated biogas has been being re-injected into the network for almost two years now. IFPEN contributed:

  • its technical and scientific expertise,
  • as well as the support of its teams to:
    • conduct performance tests,
    • commission the demonstration unit,
    • and collect feedback on the operation of the process.

We also signed an exclusivity agreement on the use of the IFPEN solvent in the field of biogas conversion: it is a strategic asset for Arol Energy since it enables us to offer our customers improved biomethane productivity and optimized regeneration costs. We hope that this partnership will be reinforced in the future, still built on a joint technological innovation. » 

David Bossan, président et fondateur d’Arol Energy SAS

 David Bossan, Chairman and founder of Arol Energy SAS 




Raphaël Huyghe

  • Program manager