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Our strengths

•    More than 12 years’ experience in the field, with a team of around thirty FTE staff dedicated to wind energy, alongside 5 to 10 doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers. 

•    Active in several segments of the value chain, with packages aimed at wind energy development projects and technology developers.

•    Marketed solutions, developed via a network of industrial partners ranging from SMEs to major groups.

•    A capacity to implement precise numerical models to simulate wind turbine behavior. These numerical models are available via the DeepLines Wind™ and FarmShadow™ software tools.

•    A capacity to rapidly integrate recent digital technology advances.

•    Pooled expertise with GreenWits, a start-up created by IFPEN in 2023 to address the needs of wind energy operators.



Stéphane Bertholin

  • Program manager