Gas treatment

A growing gas demand:

  • increase in gas consumption = + 1.6%/year by 2040,
  • contribution of natural gas to the energy mix = 25% in 2040 (contribution roughly equivalent to those of coal and oil)
    (Source AIE - World Energy Outlook 2018).

Strict specifications:

  • CO2 concentration less than 2%,
  • H2S concentration less than 4 ppm.


40% of the world’s natural gas reserves are sour gases: in order to be produced and used, these reserves have to meet strict specifications governing sour compounds (CO2 and H2S) and must therefore undergo the appropriate sweetening treatments.

IFPEN offers industry a complete range of technologies to sweeten natural gas (equipment, processes, solvents)
 and effectively and economically reduce CO2 emissions at source.

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Abdelhakim Koudil

  • Program manager: "Conversion of residues and heavy crudes", "Biomass to chemicals" and "Gas treatment and conversion"