Carnot IFPEN Ressources EnergétiquesGeothermal energy
Our strengths

- Skills and multidisciplinary expertise making it possible to contribute to all the building blocks in the geothermal energy value chain:
•    Geosciences,
•    Thermodynamics,
•    Geomechanics, 
•    Fluid mechanics,
•    Physical chemistry,
•    Microbiology, 
•    Process design and modeling,
•    Applied mathematics, digital technologies,
•    Economics. 

- Advanced numerical tools for underground management developed for oils and gases and transferable to geothermal energy:
•    Reservoir modeling, incorporating adapted thermodynamics, thermicity and fluid-rock interactions,
•    Basin modeling, incorporating the estimation of thermal exchanges on a basin scale 

- A dual approach combining:
•    experimentation,
•    simulation. 

- Proximity with industrial players and a knowledge of market needs based on listening to customers.

- Applied research and a capacity to address operational problems immediately.

- The integration of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) dimension from the outset of projects.


Yannick Peysson

  • Program manager