Carnot IFPEN Ressources EnergétiquesCO2 capture, utilization and storage   
Our strengths

Long-standing expertise in the field of gas treatment with a focus now on CO2 capture processes.

A pioneer in the development of post-combustion capture technologies, notably steering the European CASTOR project.

Unique experimental facilities  for CLC oxycombustion capture technology:
o    cold model
o    10kW pilot
o    atomizer for particle production

Exhaustive geoscience expertise enabling us to propose solutions for large-scale and secure CO2 storage: validated expertise throughout the storage chain, via numerous collaborative projects including:

  • screening of an aquifer (the Ademe France Nord project)
  • assessment of storage sites (European SiteChar project, coordinated by IFPEN and winner of the Etoiles de l’Europe award)
  • monitoring and surveillance of a storage facility (European CO2Remove project)
  • abandonment study (European CO2Care project)
  • long-term surveillance tools (European Mirecol project)

Expertise in the field of Life Cycle Analysis enabling an exhaustive technical, economic and environmental approach to CCUS research.



Raphaël Huyghe

  • Program manager "CO2 capture and storage"

Antonio Pires Da Cruz

  • Program manager "Decarbonization and conversion of CO2"