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Ademe GeCOSampA project

Proposed and funded by ADEME, the GeCO SampA project (2018-2019) aims to develop an on-site geochemical monitoring and analysis tool for the management of energy storage and conversion projects.

«The technology that we are developing in the context of GeCOsampA, with our partner SEMM Logging, is innovative in that it enables us to use constant-pressure fluid transfer to determine a geochemical composition fully representative of that found deep underground and hence better interpret the impact of the industrial process being monitored. We will be able to test both our downhole fluid sampler and the entire methodology that we have developed for monitoring deep reservoirs and aquifers.”»

Audrey Estublier, CO2 monitoring study manager, IFPEN


Ademe Aquifer-CO2Leak project

As a follow-on from the Vadose (2009-2013) and Demo-CO2 (2013-2017) projects, ADEME has launched the Aquifer-CO2Leak project to fine-tune existing methodologies and develop new tools designed to ensure the integrity of underground storage sites.

«The monitoring networks used both at the surface and deep underground, as well as all the early warning systems, are key tools guaranteeing the safe usage of the underground environment. The objective of the Aquifer-CO2Leak project is to study an unclassified underground aquifer below Saint-Émilion, via:

  • the injection and modeling of a CO2 plume monitoring system,
  • the measurement and monitoring of UZ tracers.

The objectives are multiple:

  • to develop dedicated instruments for geo-electrical and geochemical monitoring,
  • to define the relevance of tracing using fluorescence and identify new technologies for CO2 leak detection,
  • to develop numerical and analytical leak detection and location methods,
  • to assess the environmental impact of a CO2 leak and other gas leaks on the water of aquifers.

This project will be an opportunity to test and validate the interest of our continuous fixed monitoring station, at depths of between 10 and 100 meters.»

Guillaume Berthe, Monitoring project manager, IFPEN


H2020 SECURe Project

«Our developments in the field of underground storage monitoring will be useful for the European SECURe project dedicated to monitoring CO2 storage sites:

Pascal Ricroch, CO2 monitoring study manager, IFPEN



Florence Delprat-Jannaud

  • Program manager: “CO2 capture and storage” and “Underground management for New Technologies”