Life cycle analysis (LCA)
Our strengths

  • A dedicated team of three Life Cycle Analysis engineers/PhD graduates with expertise covering the entire energy and transport value chain, supported by a team of young researchers working in partnership with specialist LCA laboratories (Elsa Montpellier, CIRAIG Canada, etc.):

Anne Bouter


Anne Bouter : bioenergies, biomass resources, land use change, mobility



Pierre Collet


Pierre Collet : bioenergies, variability, land use change, climate change



Sandra Beauchet


Sandra Beauchet : bioenergies, water impact, biobased materials, land use changes



  • Close ties with R&D teams making it possible to integrate LCA expertise upstream of projects.
  • Very close links with teams responsible for prospective research and TIMES software for systemic LCAs.

Jérôme Sabathier

  • Head Economics & Environmental Evaluation Department