Offshore wind and ocean energies
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ANR SmartEole project

Increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs are major levers for the development of wind energy. Within the framework of the ANR SmartEole project, IFPEN is fine-tuning and testing innovative software solutions aimed at addressing these two challenges. 

WISE Windfield

« This project, which is due to be concluded in March 2019, has a double benefit for our research:

  • firstly, it has generated experimental data allowing us to develop and validate our WiSE Wind Field software, which reconstructs the wind field from raw lidar data,
  • secondly, thanks to adapted wind turbine tower and nacelle instrumentation, we have acquired a better understanding of a wind turbine’s vibration behavior. This allows us to develop a numerical model aimed at validating our WISE Control software, dedicated to the orientation of the blades and nacelle depending on the wind. This marks the first step towards the use of a “digital twin” to test control and advanced diagnostics strategies. » 

WISE Control


 Fabrice Guillemin, Wind Turbine Control project manager, IFPEN


More generally, IFPEN’s ocean energy research is conducted within the context of an excellence network including industrial and academic partners:


Daniel Averbuch

  • Program manager: “Risers and flow assurance”, “Offshore wind and Ocean energies”, and “Energy storage”