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Hydrocarbon reservoirs under exploration by the oil and gas industry are increasingly complex in nature. The use of software to characterize reservoirs (static modeling) and simulate in situ fluid flows (dynamic simulation) makes it possible to optimize the layout of producing and injecting wells, to assess the various Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) strategies, and select the best production processes in order to improve oil and gas recovery rates.

IFPEN aims to address the following challenges:

  • reduce uncertainties associated with the characterization of complex reservoirs
  • model reservoirs presenting dense and complex fracture networks
  • develop complete solutions for the dynamic simulation of the behavior of porous media and complex fluids, particularly for EOR
  • establish efficient approaches for field development optimization.

IFPEN proposes complete advanced workflows, covering the entire characterization and modeling chain, from the exploration phase through to production. Their purpose is to reduce uncertainties relating to complex reservoir production and optimize reservoir operations.

IFPEN boasts geoscientific expertise ranging from the understanding of the phenomena involved at the nano and microscopic scale to modeling at the basin scale, as well as simulation expertise.

Being present throughout the chain and having such a broad range of expertise are major assets in terms of addressing the specific project needs of oil and gas industry players, with whom we have forged close links over a period of many years.

The exploration-production sector today is undergoing a profound transformation with the digitalization of working tools and methods. IFPEN is focused on supporting industry through this transformation via proof of concepts (POC). Our aim is to build offers that can be integrated into this new environment, hinged around data in our partners’ possession.

35%: the average oil and gas recovery rate in reservoirs with current technologies.

Proposing differentiating workflows, ranging from characterization to dynamic simulation, to reduce uncertainties concerning the production of complex reservoirs and optimize their exploitation,
in heterogeneous geological formation contexts, and for hybrid EOR processes.

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Hery Rakotoarisoa

  • Program manager: “Reservoir modeling” and “Digitalization”