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Céline Pagis
Fundamental Research
News 09 October 2018

Céline Pagis, PhD researcher at IFPEN/IRCELYON, recipient of the L’Oréal-Unesco “For Women in Science” fellowship

Applied to the field of the chemistry of materials and catalysis, Céline Pagis’ thesis is sponsored by IFPEN and supervised by IRCELYON  (the Lyon Institute of Catalysis and Environmental Research)

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Marie MARSIGLIA (Moiré)

Researcher - PhD in Physical-Chemistry
In 2012, Marie MARISGLIA (MOIRE) obtained her Master Degree in Chemistry and the French Engineer title from ENSCR. Three years later, she became PhD in Physical Chemistry from UPMC and won IFPEN My
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Project Leader, ab initio calculations for Catalysis
After a PhD in heterogeneous catalysis (Paris 6 Univ., 2003-2006), during which I acquired skills in mineral synthesis, spectroscopies, catalytic testing and computational modelling, I chose to
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For xylene separation, hierarchy is not all bad

The three xylenea isomers are each employed in numerous growth market applications (polymers, plastifiers and resins). It is thus vital to improve the efficiency of the separation processes for these
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Physico Chemical R&D Engineer
PhD in Material Science
Claire Marlière obtained her engineering degree from ESPCI Paris in 2010 and received her PhD in Material Science with Saint-Gobain in 2013 on water transfers in porous media in presence of water
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Operando spectroscopy in full transparency

The purification of oil feeds for obtaining clean fuels, as well as the treatment of bio-based feeds that can be incorporated in diesel fuels, rely on the hydrotreatment process and hence on the
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InSPIRed process control

R&D work in the field of process monitoring aims to gain a better understanding of the phenomena involved, increase productivity and enhance safety. In this context, Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
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Processes are converting to microfluidics

The diversification of resources (atypical oil feeds or bio-based feeds) is leading to the development of new conversion processesa or to the upgrading of flexibility for existing ones. These
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Raman: the secret of a successful separation

The development and optimization of chemical processes increasingly involves the instrumentation of pilot and industrial units with inline effluent analysis technologies, capable of supplying relevant
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Catalyst selectivity: spectral investigations

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Pollutant emissions: better knowing them to fight them better

Vehicle approval certifies that the emissions of said vehicle meet the specifications imposed by existing standards. Although current regulations only concern a limited number of chemical species, the