Carnot IFPEN Ressources EnergétiquesEnhanced oil recovery (EOR)

According to current forecasts, global reliance on fossil fuels is set to remain high through to the period 2030-2040. It is therefore crucial to develop increasingly advanced oil and gas exploration and production technologies.

In a context in which the implementation of the energy transition is gathering pace and the oil market remains strained, the oil industry is faced with the need to:

  • reduce costs,
  • reinforce innovation to increase production and improve the eco-efficiency of processes.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) makes it possible to increase the potential and life-span of oil fields. The stakes are high because a 1% increase in oil production would correspond to 2 years’ global consumption at current levels.

Three main EOR techniques exist:

  • chemical using polymer and surfactant injection,

  • gas or foam injection,

  • thermal using steam injection.

35%: the average recovery rate from fields globally.
15 to 20%: the potential increase represented by the use of EOR techniques.

Helping oil companies to design their fields through to full field deployment with innovative EOR techniques in order to increase field recovery rates and optimize produced water recycling.

IFPEN, a pioneer in the field of EOR, with cutting-edge laboratory facilities, joined forces with two other global leaders in their respective fields to form the EOR alliance: Beicip Franlab (reservoir engineering studies and consultancy specialists) and Solvay (internationally recognized chemical formulation specialists). 

The EOR alliance proposes a joint offer covering all types of EOR, from chemical EOR through to thermal EOR.
With a view to eco-responsible development, IFPEN also provides water cycle management solutions: fluid separation, water treatment and reinjection.

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Jean-François Argillier

  • Program manager