«IFPEN was a reliable partner from the fund-raising phase onwards, consolidating our project and lending our vision to investors. The support of their high-level experts has enabled us to challenge our software product and step up its R&D development phase. Today, known to IFPEN's R&D teams, Voxaya is now becoming a preferred partner for IFPEN's own developments in the fields of numerical analysis and artificial intelligence. »

Vanessa Hébert
Vanessa Hébert
, Co-founder & Business developer Voxaya



« For its development and now its launch to market, our dredging robot has benefited from the credibility of the IFPEN brand in the eyes of institutions and potential partners. We’ve worked with the SME team, which has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing young start-ups and has adapted accordingly.»

Philippe Pétard
Philippe Pétard,
Director, E.S.T


«IFPEN’s support mechanism is particularly suited to start-ups launching an activity, with, by definition, a limited budget: we had access to technical resources and a network of economic and financial partners during our development, because IFPEN only takes payment once the innovation has been marketed.»

Jean-Marc van de Kerkhove
Jean-Marc van de Kerkhove
, Chairman, Cleef System


«IFPEN was with us every step of the way, supporting us through to the completion of our first industrial project in India and facilitating our market access thanks to its subsidiaries and network of partners.»

Stéphane Mazoyer
Stéphane Mazoyer
, Technical Director, Quadrimex Chemical



«From our point of view, working with IFPEN equated to outsourcing our R&D to a reliable and recognized partner, accessing a considerable database and collaborating with results-driven engineers. Concretely, our partnership on the evaluation of the technical performance of our “ethylene sensor” resulted in a comprehensive report, which enabled us to adopt a new and highly beneficial commercial approach to support our growth in this market.»

David Berrebi, Directeur commercial COOL
David Berrebi, Commercial Director, COOL


«IFPEN’s support was crucial to defining the aim of our R&D project, as well as its technical design and financing. Without IFPEN’s backing throughout, it is by no means certain that we would have embarked on such a project.»

Stéphane Massonnat
Stéphane Massonnat,
Manager, TMFCT



«The joint filing of a patent with IFPEN within the context of our partnership represented a real advantage: we benefited from their expertise in the fields of both industrial property and project management. IFPEN’s industrial property advice continues to be invaluable to us today, as they guide us in our international patent filing decisions.»

Jean Sauttreau
Jean Sauttreau,
Chairman, Compart


« Established in 2003, Naturamole is an SME specializing in the development of bioprocesses and the production of natural molecules via enzymatic biocatalysis and microbiological fermentation, primarily aimed at the agrifoods,  perfume, cosmetics and fine chemistry sectors. Thanks to this agreement, IFPEN will be helping us identify and validate a process for producing two highly pure lactones for a launch to market as natural ingredients carrying EC 1334/2008 and COSMOS certification for the formulation of flavorings and perfumes. »

NaturamoleAbdelkrim Gherrabti, founder and CEOd at Naturamole


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